Invincible Youth Ep. 16

25 02 2010

Moved toΒ




14 responses

25 02 2010

your posts come out so fast, love u =)) thanks for sharing !!

26 02 2010

100000000000000000 x thanks 4 sharing

26 02 2010

can anyone comment about the sound after they finish downloading this πŸ™‚

episode 15 had errors, so i was hoping that this is working well before i download (my internet connection is too slow for me to just download everything)


26 02 2010

dun think ep 15 got sound error. just some video glitches for a few seconds.

many thanks for sharing this wonderful show. jjang!!

26 02 2010

thnx alot voor the IY. just one question: why do you keep naming the parts wrong? πŸ™‚ 7-zip and hjsplit use the .001; .002; etc namingconvention in stead of .00; .01; etc.
Renaming is no problem tho

thnx again

26 02 2010

This is just a guess, since I’m not very familiar with Linux
but I’m guessing it’s named that way because he is using a linux based system.

I think in a Linux, there is a command to simply Concatenate (To join or link together) these files and split them. and if he does that using it, the file name comes out as .00, .01 etc πŸ™‚

again, this is just a wild guess since i’m still on a windows machine haha

26 02 2010

u may look in the FAQ section.. me and scrumptious have posted a software there that doesnt require any renaming anymores… just follow the indicated instructions πŸ™‚

27 02 2010

Grr another program!
But you’re right, Join_3_0_4_0 works very nice.

26 02 2010

episode 15 has no sound with me either (vlc/mpc)
Ep 16 works fine

26 02 2010

Thanks for the post!!

26 02 2010

I’m happy to report that Episode 16 seems to be working well πŸ™‚


27 02 2010

you are fantastic, thank you so much for uploading IY!

2 07 2010

i cant seem to download part 6. when i click the *click here to download* the page just refreshes.

also, update on new episodes please. πŸ™‚

20 12 2010

i have downloaded the parts but why cant i play it??

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