Invincible Youth Ep. 22

15 04 2010

Moved to




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15 04 2010

Nice! Thanks alot. Havent seen any update lately, thought rekodtv gone for good. Thanks alot for sticking in. N for giving us quality rekod. 🙂 Jjang!!

15 04 2010

well maybe its too late that in soshified is already have eps 22 …

hope you faster than … anyway thx ..

15 04 2010
IY Fan!

Thx for uploading this~ love SooYoung~ =)

16 04 2010

thanks for sharing.

16 04 2010

thanks for the upload

16 04 2010

Seems to be other sites that upload faster but the quality here seems to be the best so far. Thanks.

20 04 2010

I’m agree ^^v
The best quality are here.

16 04 2010

very like it… thanks

18 04 2010

any chance to upload ep 23? sorry to ask. hope u can upload it. just curious how it goes. dying to watch. thanks alot again.

19 04 2010

me too…. dying to watch… T.T

23 pliss… 😀 😀

20 04 2010

nice rework on FAQ “button”. lots of ppl clearly never read FAQ. seen lots of “how to watch this?” n “how to play?” n etc…

anyway thanks for uploading the show. great work.

24 04 2010

thankss~ im so taking this ^^

25 04 2010

Probably, episode 23 has not been aired on KBSW, because of the tragedy (sunken naval ship). For a couple of weeks, no entertainment shows were aired on TV.

19 05 2010

wheres the latest invincible youth bro? waited for so long….its already maybe 2 or 3 episode after this 22nd episode…c’mon.. pls…

22 05 2010

I know this is hard work posting IY but can we get a heads up on when ep 23 will be up. 감사함니다

22 05 2010

i cant watch it what media player are u guys using ? HELP

22 05 2010

HELP where can i download a audio codec for windows vista media player 11
cuz the video works now but no sounds -_-

31 07 2010

Thank you so much~!

1 08 2010

where r u???? huhu..i want the latest ep of Invincible Youth..waited 4 so long… plz3…….. =( u have a great quality of videos!

6 09 2010

thanks for posting but i already got it from ssf. However, they stopped translating when Sunny and Yuri left… they’ll translate only cuts of sunny and yuri’s visits then on.
can you post episodes 33+ ??? pretty pretty please?… these were recorded from tv right? do you happen to have high resolution videos?

would realllllly appreciate it…

15 12 2010

hello.. why did you stop posting new episode.. pls continue your great work..

15 01 2011

Hi, thanks for the upload. your downloads were the clearest =D
Are u alright? There haven’t been any update since April.
Take care =D

5 06 2011

i hope u upload ep 23 onwards.. im curious to watch tat episode..
thanks so much for uploading all d episodes. 😀

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