Watch those files?

  1. Merge those files first
  2. Video codec: H.264, Audio codec: AC3 – make sure your computer has these codec.

Merge those files?

For *NIX, concatenate in terminal:

cat video.avi.0* > video.avi

For Windows, copy in command prompt:

copy /b video.avi.00 + video.avi.01 + ... + video.avi.05 video.avi

or, use Join V3

or, use HJSplit. Rename:

video.avi.0(n) -> video.avi.00(n+1)

Get the player / codecs?

Install mplayer (or VLC):

Fedora, Ubuntu, etc (distro with PackageKit):

  1. System Β» Administration Β» Add/Remove Software
  2. Search ‘gnome-mplayer’ (for Gnome), ‘kmplayer’ (for KDE), or ‘vlc’
  3. Select package, install

or download from VLC website

or, use K-lite Mega codec + Media Player Classic

Video not playing?

(Re)Install only one codec package + player at one time, and make sure it’s updated

Can you upload x?

I share/upload what I rekod

Can you reupload x?

Unless the files are really deleted [Error: File no longer available], Mediafire free download service sometimes overloaded with requests and server which host these files are unable to process your downloads [Error: No server available at the moment] – just try some time later.


56 responses

5 01 2010

I’m having a problem after download those video. I rename all those file to .avi and i also have the codec above but i can only play the first part of video. The rest of them is unplayable. what should i do?

4 02 2010

i have the same prob,, wat did u do to play those file??
also in other file there’s no sound

19 02 2010

can u share with me?

8 05 2010

use gom.. some videos arent playable in wmp.. (for me)

10 01 2010

Thank you for your help!
I can play it now!

15 01 2010

Hmm, I also can play the file.
The problem is I cant join the file using the HJSplit since it not detected the split file because the extension name is not .001.

I was trying to join your invincible youth 5 file 😦

17 01 2010

I am having the same problem as Syuxx. Except mine is I am trying to join star golden bell.

How do I join the files? I tried HJSplit but it doesn’t detect .00 format file.

17 01 2010

I have figured it out. thanks anyways

19 01 2010

LOLA, i am having the same problem joining Star Golden Bell. How did you do it?

21 01 2010

What I did was manually change the file type to 001, just simply rename them, for eg. my first file ended with .00, I simply renamed that to .001, .01 to .002 and so on, hope that helped.

21 01 2010

I had that problem too but i figured it out by just rename those file to *.001,*.002….then you can join it.

10 02 2010

what u did nad what program did u use? tell me

19 02 2010

can u teach me?

21 01 2010

ah got it. thanks vuth!

4 02 2010

i have the same prob,, wat did u do to play those file?? some of the file doesn’t play even if i have the codec and the player
also one file has no sound

5 02 2010

I suggest you to use VLC Media Player.

11 02 2010


Thanks for doing this blog for us!

Regarding the renaming and joining of the files,

I seem to always have difficulties with it. Not that I cannot rename them and join them, but instead the joined files are always not complete.

If I may give an example:

korean-variety.avi.00 –> renamed to Korean-variety.avi.001
Korean-variety.avi.02 –> renamed to Korean-variety.avi.002
Korean-variety.avi.03 –> etc

When I rename the .00 file to .001, .02 to .002, etc I successfully joined them, and the file is playable, BUT it is not really a completely joined file.

KMPlayer plays the first 10 min just fine, but then it skips right to the next 20 min or so of the show – even though the file size is correct, KMP only buffers the video until 4/5 of the way.

I have tried different combinations of renaming and joining, but still I can never get a full and properly joined files

Here is a screen shot of the KMPlayer showing that there is something missing at the end of the file duration: http://scrumptiouscaterer.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/capture.jpg

Has someone experienced the same problem?

If not, could someone please let me know what is the proper way of doing it. Since I’m not a newbie at this, it frustrates me not being able to do this properly.

Thanks in advance for the help πŸ™‚

Peace ^_^

19 02 2010

When I rename the .00 file to .001, .02 to .002…

>>i see the mistake here..and maybe you just got confused..

.00 to .001 THEN .01 to .002 (not .02 to .002..)

it would really skip the first part if you renamed that way…

19 02 2010

Your post :
korean-variety.avi.00 –> renamed to Korean-variety.avi.001
Korean-variety.avi.02 –> renamed to Korean-variety.avi.002

while it should be:
korean-variety.avi.00 –> renamed to Korean-variety.avi.001
Korean-variety.avi.01 –> renamed to Korean-variety.avi.002
korean-variety.avi.02 –> renamed to Korean-variety.avi.003
Korean-variety.avi.03 –> renamed to Korean-variety.avi.004

18 02 2010

dled both the Invincible youth 13 and 14
renamed the files the same way you did : .00 –> .001 up to .05–>.006
joined with hjsplit
then played with kmplayer v (latest)
make sure the file size is around 578 MB for 13
(in general make sure the file size is same as total size of the files u downloaded) Note: sometimes there can be successful joins, but the filesize doesnt match the size posted in the photo in the blog

16 04 2010

I was wondering how did you manage to join the files? I renamed accordingly but when I tried joining with HJ split, it stated that there wasn’t any 001 split files in the folder and I couldn’t continue frm there.

19 02 2010

I’m having a problem after download those video. I rename all those file to .avi and i also have the codec above but i can only play the first part of video. The rest of them is unplayable. what should i do?can somebody help me plz?

19 02 2010

I tried to join the parts of Happy Together ep 7 & also Invicible Youth eps 1 & 2 but all didn’t work. The files types of the parts were different, with some being 001,002,003 files types while others were 04,05 files types for example. I tried putting the extension .004 and .005 instead but the file types still remained as 04 and 05. Does anyone know how to join the files downloaded from this blog ?

19 02 2010

on windows explorer go to “folder options”,

then find “hide file extension”… i know its just below the show/hide hidden folders.

then uncheck it.. you should see the file extensions of your file.

now you can change your file extension..
hope this helped.

19 02 2010

What program do you use to split files?

20 02 2010

thanks for the reply guys,

I use HJSplit 2.4 for joining my files. and again, I’ve encountered the same problem.

To molivious:

I’ve tried what you suggested to rename the files from .00 to .001, .001 to .002 and tried to join with HJSplit, but the program only joined one file. not the whole batch.

Like I wrote, I’ve tried and re-tried all the combination that I could think of regarding renaming of those files in order to get the correct file size result, and it’s still unsuccessful.

Another thing I notice is that there a file type extension .01 (named korean-variety.avi) which file type in unchangeable even when I renamed the file into .001

Here is a screenshot of the files I downloaded before being renamed:


On the other hand, when I renamed the files like this:

Korean-variety.avi [file type .01]
korean-variety.avi.00 [file type .00]–> renamed to Korean-variety.avi.001
Korean-variety.avi.02 [file type .02]–> renamed to Korean-variety.avi.002
Korean-variety.avi.03 [file type .03] –> etc

HJSplit will join the files, but not the whole package. I’m assuming that It skips that .01 file type since it’s not a valid HJsplit file extension. So if the files I downloaded are 600mb in total, HJSplit will only join 500mb worth of them.

Lastly, I’m sorry guys if I’m making this harder and probably confusing. LOL. I’m really grateful of the uploader and you guys’ help. But this whole renaming deal is not working for me…at least not 100% ^_^

Ps. To the kind owner of Rekodtv, *beg* is it possible to just have a regular split files rather than renaming it beforehand? I’m using win7 64 bit, maybe there’s a difference in file type handling or whatever it is that made this whole process weird.

Thanks! and Fighting! πŸ˜€


20 02 2010

HJSplit will join the files, but not the whole package. I’m assuming that It skips that .01 file type since it’s not a valid HJsplit file extension. So if the files I downloaded are 600mb in total, HJSplit will only join 500mb worth of them.

yes,you are right in this statement. this is what i was talking about on my previous post.. Lol i guess you got confused.

you should make .01 into .002
.02 into .003
.03 into .004 (put in mind you just add a zero then +1 to the final number)
remember: rename .00 into .001
im using hjsplit and things are just fine…

hmm . about the “cant change file type” problem.. have you checked Vin’s comment? well i dont know much about win7 (settings are difficult to locate) anyways.. see if you could find “Show/hide file extensions” because this is mostly my friends’ problems too in file type switching.

i’ll see to it that it find what software/program the uploader is using XD
or find something that joins .01,.02, etc files… to avoid all these problems
Good luck! (to all of us.LoL)

20 02 2010

Update: (whew that was fast)

here is one i found that you might want to try…
i’d also recommend it to our dear uploader/poster/site owner πŸ˜€

though it would (again) require renaming…
anyways. it seems okay..

the renaming is:.00 > .01
.01 > .02
.02 > .03
okay now you get the pattern XD anyways. ill try to go search for more. πŸ˜€

20 02 2010

okay my last post is final.. it works well.. the renaming wouldn’t be too hard for you would it? (ugh.. actually, i cant find any other that works better…)

i hope it helps as much as it brought problems.

*note: the program/software i have posted,while joining, may seem to be unresponsive OR may make your computer perform slower.. please be patient and just wait for a few seconds. it WILL join your files if done properly and you know what i mean. “..Patience is a virtue..”

i have tried it and there seems to be no problem.hope u guys enjoy!
~ Waiting for Invincible Youth 15 )= ~

20 02 2010

hi admin,
something wrong with part2 for invincible youth episode 11, i couldn’t download, do something plzzzzzzz…(i was wondering if you could reupload/check the link of part 2). tq

21 02 2010

in korea invicible youth now ep 20 if not mistake

21 02 2010

———–READ THIS————


To: Molivious and others who helped

Thanks for the program called “JOIN” that you provided for us! that program works like a charm.

Here is the link to direct download it (just d/l the trial):

My anti-malware software detected this as a threat, but I scanned it with my anti-virus and it says that the program is clean. So I ignore the notice and went ahead with installing. *Please do not hold me responsible for any virus or malwares since I might get one myself* LOL…all in all, it might just be a false positive!

Now, like I said, I didn’t have to rename the files. How you ask? simple…I changed the setting of the “JOIN” program to recognize split files starting from .00 or .00A, etc.

Here is a screenshot:

For a detailed steps:
1. Run the program
2. Click “Options”
3. Then choose “Part Numbers”
4. Uncheck the “Always start from part 001 or 00A”
5. Then check “Show part 000”
6. Click OK and you’re done

For convenience, I also change the “Start directory” options in the options menu to be where I usually download my files. I won’t give you steps for that.

After that’s done, open the directory which contains your part files, and join! all the way from part .00 to whatever part it is. No renaming required πŸ™‚

Hope this helps!

This blog rocks! πŸ˜€


21 02 2010

ah yes. haha. *pheW* nice nice.. i didnt notice there was such options… (since i never looked at them until now) XD
anyways.. good thing this problem is finally resolved…(without any renaming)

Thanks for sharing.. and Cheers! πŸ˜€

22 02 2010

thanx for the joining file….but i have a problem to play the video!!!
i already join the file, but the video (after joining) cannot play….
i already used vlc and the MPC……whyyyyyy?????

22 02 2010

The reason might be because of your video codec is not installed properly or the player simply doesn’t have the proper codec to play the vid.

Simplest way is to use “KMPlayer”. That’s it for me. I can play almost any type of video files without having to install anything else.

Just google it πŸ™‚

22 02 2010

hahahaaaa…..thanx a lot!!!
now i can play the video….thanx for the player.

22 02 2010

Hey there!
thx a lot for uploading all these..I’d probably snag Invicible Youth sometime later ^^
btw, do u by any chance also record Let’s Go Dream Team from KBS World? been searching everywhere but I find it nowhere T.T
coz (so far) there’s no sub team that would want to sub this show, I really the KBS World rip version..been missing lots of beginning episodes :,(

thx again and thx a lot ^^

22 02 2010

can you post the sgb episode 271 with subs? i wasn’t able to watch the episode on tv because the kbs channel was gone. please.. i do really hope that you can post the videos. please.. thank you so much…

23 02 2010

Guys, my apologies…

I believe this section of the blog is FAQ not for requests.

Now, I’m not the owner of this blog, but that would defy its purpose. right?

Peace! ^^V

17 03 2010

do you have twitter? I really want to follow you and I scare something will happen to the blog, b/c KBS is a crazy about their copyright! I wish you can put at your 1st page! Maybe a facebook it you don`t have twitter!

26 03 2010

I don’t know if it’s just me but every time i download part 6 of any episode it always stops at around 95% or above and doesn’t download completely. I’ve tried downloading it using different internet browsers and download managers but i still get the same problem, I’ve also tried downloading after waiting a few hours sometime a day or more but it still stops at the same place like on episode 15 for example it always stops at around 96% every time.

Sorry for writing such a long entry, thank you in advance for any helpful advice or explanation.

26 03 2010

This is for Invincible Youth btw. Forgot to include it above.

29 03 2010

why the 2nd and other succeeding files cannot be played on MPC? can i watch this downloaded file separately or they needed to be joined to be able to watch it?

30 03 2010
Molly Views

yes, they *have* to be joined πŸ˜€
and i guess there’d be no way to watch them separately..

30 03 2010

Are you having difficulties joining/watching the files? read the previous posts, and you will be enlightened.

Peace V

3 04 2010

Thanks for sharing these videos.
I’ve been looking for the english broadcasts in a long time.
You saved me…. thank you! XDDD

3 05 2010

Did you stop uploading new episodes or is it just me? What happened

30 05 2010

Have you stopped uploading? So there won’t be any updates anymore? Why?

8 06 2010

it’s sad that you stopped uploading, but i just want to thank you for uploading so far

22 06 2010

Hi, can you tell me the name of happy together on kbs world? i cant seem to find it.

14 07 2010

how often do you release invincible youth?

27 09 2010

this site has been dead for a long time

14 10 2010

Hello Rekodtv……..
what should I credit if I re-upload your videos?

23 10 2010

why do we have to combine stuff for us to be able to watch it? why can’t it be easier..?

also for a faq. it isn’t very helpful. i mean ‘Watch those files?” that’s just confusing to me, i know what it means but couldn’t you have made it “To watch those files” atleast?

but never mind me. im just a first time user of the site and probably doesn’t know the perfectly good reason why it is the way it is and is slightly fustrated that i can’t get the vids i downloaded to work. but i’ll figure it out somehow.

23 10 2010

and then i figured it out. but then realised the sites dead? nawwww

5 03 2011

this person gets money for every click.. .

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